Sunshine & Pools & BBQs, Oh My! Summer Pet Safety

June 20, 2018

The summer season is upon us, and with it comes the lazy, fun-filled days we look forward to all year. But summer fun can quickly turn into danger for your pet. That’s why the team at Advantage Veterinary Center wants to share some tips for summer pet safety.

Summer Pet Safety

It’s important to always be aware of your pet’s comfort and activity level. You know your pet best, so if something seems wrong, don’t ever hesitate to call us. Here are some other summer pet safety tips:

  • Water and shade – Pets can overheat and get dehydrated easily in hot weather, so make sure they have access to fresh drinking water and shade at all times.
  • Car safety – Most of us know this one, but never, ever leave your pet in a parked car, even in the shade. It only takes a few minutes for internal car temperatures to reach dangerous levels that are lethal to cats and dogs.
  • Pool and water safety – Fence in pools, and never leave your pet unsupervised around bodies of water. If boating with your pet, a lifejacket is a great investment. Even great swimmers can be overpowered by strong currents and rough water conditions.
  • Windows – This one is for the cats! Many kitties like to cool off in a shady window sill – but make sure your windows are screened! Sadly, falling out of a window is not an uncommon accident for cats during warmer months.
  • Yard and garden – Commonly used rodenticides and herbicides can be harmful to your pet if ingested, so keep them out of reach. Know which plants and flowers might be a hazard to your pet, as well.
  • High temps – Take it easy with pets and exercise. Keep activity to cooler parts of the day (early morning and evening), and know the signs of heatstroke and over exertion. Remember, the effects of heat are exacerbated for older pets, those with health conditions, and flat-faced breeds. It’s best to keep them in air conditioned areas during hot weather.
  • Fireworks – Though great fun for us, most pets are afraid of fireworks. Many panic and escape yards and houses during the festivities. Keep your pet indoors during fireworks, and give them a safe place to hide out. Talk to us about a sedative, if necessary. Also, take this opportunity to have your pet microchipped, just in case!
  • BBQs – Ah, the backyard barbecue…one of our favorite parts of summer! Although many pets don’t mind social situations, if you have a crowd coming, make sure your pet has a quiet place to retreat if they need. Many barbecue-worthy foods can also cause problems for your pet, so keep table scraps, fatty foods, onions, alcohol, and chocolate out of reach.

Be Prepared

One of our best tips for summer pet safety – and really, pet safety all year round – is to add the contact information of our hospital and local emergency partner clinic into your phone and car GPS. That way, if your pet gets into trouble, you can reach us quickly and easily.

Also consider taking a pet first aid or CPR class. There are situations where your pet can be saved by your quick thinking – if you know what to do.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to bring your pet in to see us for a preventive care exam. We’ll make sure they’re healthy and well and check that they’re up to date on vaccines, heartworm testing, and parasite preventives.

What summer activities will you be doing with your pet? Give us a call at (636) 677-9790 to let us know!