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Pet Behavior Counseling 

Common pet behavioral problems and treatment plans.

We want you to fully enjoy the time you spend with your pets. Just like people, pets have different temperaments and experience different moods, both of which can trigger varying reactions to environmental stimuli. Aggression, destructive behavior, excessive barking, clawing, or potty problems make day-to-day activities challenging and make it difficult for pet owners to welcome guests into their homes.

Antisocial behavior and extreme separation anxiety are other issues that can negatively impact the time we spend with our animal companions.

Unwelcome behavior could be a sign of underlying anxiety, depression, or illness, so the sooner you seek help, the better. We can help.

Before beginning any behavioral therapy, one of our doctors will fully evaluate your pet’s current health and ask you about behavior patterns. Your pet’s living environment, activity level, the presence of other animals, recent stress factors (such as a move to a new home), and changes in the family dynamic (such as a new family member) are all taken into account. The key is to identify the specific behavior problems you’re facing and pinpoint potential triggers.

Our experienced team will then provide suggestions for guiding your pet’s behavior toward a more desirable outcome. The process is not an instant cure; no panacea exists to correct unwanted behavior in animals. But most pet parents do see improvements when they follow a treatment plan consistently.

Call us at (636) 677-9790 or request an appointment online to discuss your pet's behavior needs.

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