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Pet Nutrition

Achieve the right nutritional balance.

Just like people, our pets have different nutritional needs depending on their size, age, and activity level. Adult animals, for example, have different needs than puppies and kittens. Animals with certain chronic conditions or other factors impacting their health have different dietary needs as well. Even your dog’s breed plays a role in his or her caloric and nutritional requirements. Balanced nutrition can help your pet grow and develop properly and can keep them healthy and active longer. We understand that identifying your pet’s specific nutritional needs can be challenging. We are here to help.

Finding the right pet food

Choosing the right dog or cat food begins with identifying your pet’s specific needs. At Advantage Veterinary Center, we offer a selection of nutritionally balanced pet foods to ensure your pets get the proper balance of nutrients.

We will recommend a pet food containing the appropriate levels of nutrients and calories for your pet’s needs. We offer foods that are specially formulated for pure-bred animals, mixed-breed pets, or specific age groups to ensure proper nutrition at every stage in your pet’s life.

In addition to choosing the right food, knowing how much-or how little-to feed your furry friend is equally important.

Let's Talk

The time to consult with your veterinarian about your pet’s nutrition is as soon as you bring a new pet into your home or at your pet’s next checkup. Our veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s health and suggest dietary changes if we notice specific health concerns. Our team will help you choose the right foods for your pet’s individual needs. We want your pets to live long, healthy lives in their forever homes. Eating a healthy diet is a critical component of your pet’s overall health and well-being. Contact us to schedule an appointment for nutritional counseling or ask your Advantage doctor for recommendations at your pet’s next visit.

If you’d like to schedule a pet nutrition or weight loss consultation, call us at (636) 677-9790 or schedule an appontment online.

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