Advantage Veterinary Center Looks Back: Our Best Pet Care Blogs of 2018

January 16, 2019

This time of year, it’s worthwhile to reflect on the accomplishments and setbacks of the previous 12 months. We do this in part to better understand the passing of time, but it’s also enormously helpful when setting goals for the coming year.

So, the team at Advantage Veterinary Center wants to have our sentimental cake and eat it, too! By highlighting our best blogs of 2018, we not only gain a better understanding of the moments that highlighted our year, it also provides insight into what our readers want to know more about.


Every month we welcome the opportunity to provide our ever-growing community of responsible, dedicated pet owners with helpful resources and information. Without you, our pet care blogs wouldn’t be nearly as fun to write!

Thank you for reading our pet care blogs in 2018. Here are the most popular posts from the past year. Enjoy!

#5: Decoding Pet Urinary Problems
Almost nothing is more frustrating than a pet who is urinating in an inappropriate place. Not all issues related to the urinary tract are created, equal, though. Advantage Veterinary Center wants to shed a little light on decoding pet urinary problems for our fed up pet owners. Read more…

#4: The Heartbreak of Heartworm Disease
Mosquitos are arguably one of the most reviled insects on Earth. Besides causing their annoying buzzing and painful, itchy bites, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading some of the most damaging and deadly vector-borne diseases to both people and animals. Heartworm disease is one of the worst illnesses our pets can contract from mosquitoes, and regular screening, along with year-round prevention, is the best way to protect them. Keep reading…

#3: Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Winter Pet Safety You Can Count On
We’re just about average when it comes to seasonal highs and lows here in High Ridge; but that doesn’t mean the weather is always safe for pets. Without a doubt, ignoring heat safety in the summer can pose significant risks to health and wellbeing, but the winter is equally dangerous. Between the raw temperatures, biting wind, and freezing precipitation, winter pet safety must remain a top priority. Read on!

#2: Lost and Found: The Importance of Pet Microchipping
Becoming separated from our furry family members is something no pet parent wants to think about, but despite our best efforts, accidents can and do happen. Fortunately, there are now more ways to find a lost pet than endlessly searching local shelters and posting “lost pet” signs. Pet microchipping can significantly increase the odds of locating a lost or stolen pet, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the details of this popular technology. Continue reading…

#1: Veterinary Hospital Lobby Etiquette and Safety
A veterinary hospital lobby is a busy place! It can be fun to see the different animals, chat with other pet owners, and catch up with your reading or work. But the ever changing environment and all the comings and goings can also provide a space for problems to escalate rapidly. Read more…

Happy New Year!

From all of us at Advantage Veterinary Center, we wish you and your pet a very happy, healthy new year! Thanks again for reading our pet care blogs. We look forward to seeing you in 2019!