Advantage Veterinary Center's Top Blogs of 2019

January 16, 2020

Nothing causes us to mark the passage of time more than the beginning of a new year. Along with winter holiday celebrations, perhaps we can take time to  wind down and reflect on the year past. And although 2019 has its ups and downs, all in all we couldn’t be more grateful for the time we shared with you and your pets. 

One of the things we’ve been reflecting on at Advantage Veterinary Center is that owning a pet comes with lifelong learning. From exercise to a healthy diet, regular wellness, training, and fun things to do with your pet. There’s no shortage of topics to learn about. 

One way we support that learning is through our pet care blog. And brainstorming topics, writing, and publishing our blog has been our pleasure this year. We hope to provide our readers with practical, timely, and fun information about how to keep pets not only healthy, but thriving. So here we present our top blogs of 2019, and we hope you enjoy!

Advantage Veterinary Center's Most-read Blogs of 2019

5. What’s Up Weirdo? Decoding Strange Feline Behavior
Cats make great pets, but not because they’re normal. Indeed, as most cat owners will tell you, one of the reasons they’re fun to live with is because they’re a bit odd. They keep strange hours, do some pretty weird things (when they’re not sleeping), and keep us guessing from one moment to the next.  Meow...

4. Veterinary Lobby Etiquette and Safety
A veterinary hospital lobby is a busy place! It can be fun to see the different animals, chat with other pet owners, and catch up with your reading or work. But the ever changing environment and all the comings and goings can also provide a space for problems to escalate rapidly. Read more...

3. Fighting a Frequent Feline Foe: Kidney Disease in Cats
Cats are pretty tough cookies. Resourceful and resilient, accounts of felines surviving dire situations of all sorts abound through recorded history. Cats are not totally immune to danger and disease, however… Continue...

2. Leptospirosis and Your Pet: Know the Risks
Leptospirosis, however, poses a lesser known but just as dangerous threat. Depending on your dog’s exposure to the outdoors, doggie daycare, or boarding kennels, the leptospirosis vaccine may be just as important as the core vaccines. Keep reading…

1. A Stinky Situation: Dogs Who Eat Poop
Most of us cringe now and again at something our dog does. Drinking from the toilet, rolling in dead animals at the beach, and licking their own backside all come to mind (ew!). But nothing tops dogs who eat poop. Dive in...

Onward and Upward

We’re in awe of what an incredible year it has been, and we look forward to serving High Ridge pets and their owners in the year to come.

If you have suggestions for topics to include in our pet care blog this upcoming year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Happy New Year!