5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet Right Now

5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet Right Now
November 12, 2020

When you hear the phrase “pamper your pet” you might easily make the mental leap to a grooming salon and spa. Starting off with a mani-pedi, followed by an invigorating bath, skin treatments, hair trim, and a relaxing blow dry. This all sounds lovely (for some; other pets, like cats, might not agree), but this is not the only way to show your appreciation and affection to your best pal. 

Of all the options out there, we’ve chosen 5 extra special, yet super simple, ways to spoil them rotten!

Fun For Days

You know your pet better than anyone. Think about activities that bring out their happy feet (you know that irresistible doggie dance), or light a spark in their twinkling eyes. 

Make a list. It might involve a long game of Frisbee toss, a relaxing drive down country lanes, or an opportunity to snuggle without interruption for an entire lazy afternoon.

Whatever it is that you decide on, your pet will know that you’re carving out time just to be with them and they’ll respond with affectionate head bumps, high fives, or a show of the belly.

Say Cheese!

This might seem kind of far-fetched but bear with us! Dental care is one of the most important aspects of pet wellness. To really pamper your pet, invest in a few great pet toothbrushes and splurge on some fancy flavored pet-safe toothpaste. What pet wouldn’t want a sparkling set of chompers using anchovy or poultry-flavored gel? 

The Brainiac

Pets thrive when they have a special job to do. Training them to do certain things is incredible for their confidence, and the trust you build together reinforces your bond. Train them with simple commands, and then the sky’s your limit. Many pets enjoy agility training or simply learning how to run alongside a bike. 

When your pet knows the commands for good behavior they are better able to please you. That makes them truly happy and secure. 

Time for Treats

Like us, pets are highly motivated by food. Making your own pet treats is super rewarding, and since you know what’s in them you can feel good about giving them as rewards. There are many peanut butter or tuna-centric recipes on the web. Customize them according to your pet’s unique tastes and preferences.

A New Friend?

If your pet is highly social, but currently flying solo, you might consider adopting a new friend. Of course, this is only an option for pet owners ready to make the plunge into a multiple-pet household. Even if it takes a few weeks for everyone to warm up to the new normal, pets that grow up together can be very happy.

Pamper Your Pet for Great Results

When you pamper your pet, you also benefit from the gifts and opportunities. With pets, as in life, you get what you give, and when you give to your pet you receive so much in return.

Our veterinarians and staff members hope that you find inspiration to spoil your bestie. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you.